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Trouilliez Vincent vincent.trouilliez at
Sun Nov 28 15:11:58 UTC 2004

> There is a no cost version, it's not FOSS though.
> AFAIK no spyware, adware etc.

Hmmmm.... spent 15 minutes downloading a huge 6.5MB file, with no
result. it was '.bin' script, which don't want to execute nor even be
looked at with Gedit.

And on that page they clearly say that the fre e version gives crap
search result, does have ads etc, is slow, etc, just so that you feel
the urgent need to spend your hard earned cash on the full version.

Not really the Linux Philiosopy, and certainly not the Ubuntu one, and
not mine either. Thanks Limeware, you can keep your stuff thank you.
It's amazing how companies can sell crap software when you can get much
better ones for free. I am amazed that they find enough fools to make a
living from that.
Weird world. :-/

Vince, long lost faith in the Human kind, but now recovering faith
recently thanks to Linux and Ubuntu :o)))
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