ML Donkey anyone ??

Ari Torhamo ari.torhamo at
Sun Nov 28 07:33:07 UTC 2004

su, 2004-11-28 kello 06:41 +0100, Trouilliez Vincent kirjoitti:

> So I was looking for a P2P client and found 'ML Donkey' in Synaptic.
> Installed it (server back-end + GUI), seems to work fine if just for
> the GUI that seems very "heavy" and not very "responsive" (any better
> GUI around ?), but something seems wrong.

I just found MLdonkey too. I got a headache trying to get the GUI to
work - and didn't succeed. So I tried the browser interface instead and
that works. It's not terribly responsive, but I'm downloading :) Maybe
not getting the GUI work had something to do with the fact that I
installed MLdonkey to /usr/bin (didn't know how to install it
elsewhere). When I start the GUI I recieve an error message
"Authorization failed". Giving my username and password in settings
doesn't help. Maybe I should be root - but then again, the browser
interface works without logging in.

>  No matter how many time I try it, it seems to only connect to 3
> servers, always the same, and never connects to the other 4 servers,
> what a waste !? :o(
> It connects to : EDonkey/Overnet, Bittorrent and Gnutella, but it
> never connects to the others : Open Napster, Soul Seek, Direct Connect
> and Fast track.
> How comes ?? :o(

I have twelve downloads going on and I'm connected to Donkey and G2
(Gnutella2?). Should these be called networks or servers? It says on my
screen that I'm "Connected to 4 servers on the Donkey network" and
"Connected to 4 servers on the G2 network". As you can see I'm new to
this file sharing thing.


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