'updatedb' : is it really mandatory, can I switch it off and how ?!

Trouilliez Vincent vincent.trouilliez at wanadoo.fr
Sat Nov 27 07:11:11 UTC 2004

> "updatedb" keeps the "locate" database up to date. If you wish to use 
> the "locate" command to find a file, then "updatedb" needs to run 
> periodically.

Well, considering I didn't even know of the existence of the 'locate'
command, then I guess I do'nt need updatedb either, so I can stop it,
great ! :o)

> Since I am still waiting for my Ubuntu CD I can't tell you where it is set up.

Yup, still waiting too. Seems many people all over continental europe
got it, but alas, apparently they still have reached that good old
France !! :o((
I hope Hoary CD's won't take as long to come ! :-/

> On any UNIX or Linux system, you can expect a small hard disk access at 
> regular intervals, usually every 30 seconds(but this may vary). It is a 
> process called "syncing" and it is necessary for keeping the 
> superblock/freelist updated on each file system. Don't worry. It is 
> completely normal.

Ah, that's interesting, I am glad on posted here :o) I will stop chasing
it then, and just get a silent hard drive and let the system what it
needs to access.

> "updatedb" on the other hand can be disabled. Check out your crontabs, maybe it is set up as a cron job.

He he.... I don't know what's "cron"... :o(  I will go learn about it
then, seems that there is a man page on it. :-)

Thanks for the explanations,


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