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Fri Nov 26 10:20:26 UTC 2004

On Thu, 25 Nov 2004 12:21:06 -0500, Jeramy Rutley <jrutley at gmail.com> wrote:

> Try grip.  It works great.

I've been playing around with grip tonight, but I think I might be
doing something wrong. When this machine was running windows, it would
rip audio CDs at 18-20x and encode at 3-6x. With grip I'm only ripping
and encoding at 1-2x.

grip's documentation suggests that ripping speed can be doubled by
using scsi emulation, but I didn't see any change at all. Does anyone
have speed improvement tips that aren't covered by grip's
documentation and mailing list?

If this is getting too off-topic, feel free to contact me directly or
move this over to the sounder list. Also a bit off-topic, how can you
set the DMA status for a drive and make it "stick"? The "disks" tool
under System Configuration doesn't seem to save the changes made

Otherwise, thanks for the tip! It's literally been years since I've
used grip and the functionality is definitely there now - if only I
could get the performance issues worked out. Right now my 300Mhz/512Mb
RAM Windows machine is ripping/encoding faster than the 2.8Ghz/1Gb RAM
machine. Doh!


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