Adding Beagle, tomboy and ifolder to Hoary

poptones ulist at
Thu Nov 25 00:09:47 UTC 2004

The only "patent" I am aware of that would affect gnome as it sits is
the taskbar button grouping, which MS filed for (and was awarded) years
after it first appeared in Be. If you're aware of any others that stand
even the remotest chance of winning a settlement I'd love to hear about

Mono however is very, very different. This is an entire project based
directly upon IP "invented" by MS and openly tying itself to .Net at
every turn. And here's Icaza trying to tie gnome to their IP at every

I'm sorry, but duh. After seeing countless dying patents awaken from
their deathbeds at the last moment to drag down other companies
(including MS itself) how can anyone capable of thought not see where
this is heading? Let Sun and the others lock themselves into gnome,
then .Net - and then go after the licenses. It won't matter if MS can't
kill linux, they'll still have a way to "license" every desktop.

I would hate to see any .mono technology make it into the base ubuntu
distribution. There's nothing in beagle (or any of the other projects
mentioned) that cannot be implimented in other, completely free,


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