mod-mono strangeness

Geoffrey L. Wright geoff.wright at
Wed Nov 24 23:37:31 GMT 2004

For you mono gurus out there:

Just installed mono on my shiny new Ubuntu box.

(And as an aside -- wow!  What a distro.  It's Debian without the

All goes very well.  I started with Warty dist-upgraded to Hoary in
order to access more recent mono packages.  But I seem to have run into
a bit of a snag with mod-mono.  I can't tell if I'm just being dense or
if I've run into a package problem.

Mono seems to work fine.  I've installed it, created the obligatory
"Hello World" app, and am even running a few nifty mono apps including
Tomboy and MonoDevelop.

I can also create an file ("hello.aspx") and view it running
xps.  File looks like this:


<%@ Page language="C#" %>
Response.Write ("Hello Mono!");


That works fine.  Problem comes when I try to use mod-mono.  I read the
directions that come with the mono-apache-server package and define the
app like so:

$ sudo /usr/sbin/mono-server-admin.conf add
--path=/home/gwright/MonoTest --app=/HelloWorld 

This runs without error.

Now I try to take a look by going to the following URL:


And when I do I receive the following error:


Server error in '/MonoTesting' application

Cannot find '/HelloWorld/hello.aspx'.
Description: Error processing request. 

Error Message: HTTP 404. Cannot find '/HelloWorld/hello.aspx'.


My guess is that I'm just being a dunderhead here.  I've read the
directions and this all looks by-the-book.  I've looks through the
apache log and I get no obvious help there.  The error does not produce
any log entry -- however if I try to look at the application sans index
file I do see the following:

[Wed Nov 24 14:33:26 2004] [error] [client] Directory index
forbidden by rule: /home/gwright/MonoTest/

Note that I've tried seemingly endless permissions permutations on the
files and that doesn't seem to make any difference.

Any cleaver Ubuntu / mono person out there have any thoughts?



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