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I think, you'll have to change the Access-rights of the device-node, so the
scanning-User has Read/Write-Access.

To do this:
1. Create a group called scanner (or a group you'll like)
2. Add the users you want allow to scan to this group
3. Add a code sniplet to an init-script to chown and chmod the device on
boot, so the users of the group "scanner" can RW on it.

(The device may be /dev/sgx ... where x is a number, the first scanner gets
0, the second 1 ... If you are unsure sane tells you the device it's using
;-) )


Soren Hauberg wrote:

> Hi
> I just managed to get my old parport scanner to work with sane. The
> problem is that it only works as root, so I have to give a password and
> accept a warning from xsane before I can scan.
> Is there a way to get around this?
> By the way, the scanner is a Canon FB330P
> Thanks,
> Soren

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