Adding Beagle, tomboy and ifolder to Hoary

Olafur Arason olafra at
Wed Nov 24 20:59:38 UTC 2004

   Beagle is at the top of my list of applications that would make
Hoary great. But this requires a patched kernel with inotify, dbus
with mono. Beagle will ship around the same time as Gnome 2.10 so it
would fit in to the scedule for Hoary. And we would be the only one
shiping it because Suse is going to ship it. There is alot of work
going into it now. This would solve problems like user wanting to
search documents. The only real reason not to ship it
besides, mono is evil, is that there was a mention about requiring
some processor power, but I we got a 600Mhz computer so if it will
work for me it sould be enough for most users. I couldn't compile dbus
last time I checked so I haven't tried it.

   Tomboy is really nice and very usefull and would fit well with
beagle. But I can relatively easilly get it and wouldn't require as
big of a leap of faith as Beagle. The only question there is whether
we want mono or not.

   iFolder would be nice, but there isn't yet evolution support, but I
think that will change and I think Novell is shipping it or will
before the deadline.

Olafur Arason

P.s. shouldn't there be packages for 2 or will we not
ship it. Then will we ship with native controls and fileselector patch
from ooobuild.

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