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Wed Nov 24 19:17:35 UTC 2004

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 13:05:28 +0000, Ben Edwards <funkytwig at> wrote:

> not realy news as IP issues and Linux are well documented, if
> interested the following short article may be of interest
> - Looking for Indemnification While Linux Sales Double
> It mentions that the US supreme court uses linux and they should know
> a thing or two about the law.  It also mentions companies can insure
> against IP issues.

We all know that Microsoft pays for their "independent research
studies", and makes press statements that show they don't know much
about the Linux (and/or Open Source) community as a whole, but this
was the most outright and blatant LIE I've seen come out of Redmond.

"We think our software is far more secure than open-source software.
It is more secure because we stand behind it, we fixed it, because we
built it. Nobody ever knows who built open-source software," he
[Ballmer] said.

I think all the developers that work long and hard on their Open
Source software would disagree. In fact, they could really say the
exact same thing, except that the Open Source "we" is a much larger
(and dare I say smarter?) group than the one Microsoft has on their

Besides, it's really easy to figure out who builds Open Source
software - just type "man" and then the program name. :-)


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