Intel 536ep based modem

Bryan Pizzuti bpizzuti at
Mon Nov 22 19:15:03 UTC 2004

Use the "alien" command (make sure it's installed first).  Just use the
command (under root or sudo) "alien -i {RPMname}" and it'll convert it
to a .deb file, call DPKG to install it, and delete the .deb file. 

alien can also be used to permanently create .deb files without
installing them, just to let you know. 

On Mon, 2004-11-22 at 12:58 -0500, ubuntu at wrote:
> I'm trying to install Ubuntu at a friend's house. He wants to get off of
> Windows and I was glad to oblige him. :-)
> The install went fine. Ubuntu boots and everything is lovely, except for
> the modem. It's not working.
> The device manager reports that his modem is an Intel 536ep modem. I went
> to Intel's site and downloaded some rpms for several different distros.
> How do I install the drivers and get the modem set up for use?
> Thanks!
> -- Daniel
> P.S. The only internet access I have at his house currently is when I boot
> his computer into Win98. In Ubuntu I don't have any access yet (that's why
> I'm trying to get the modem to work), so I can't do anything that requires
> a 'live' internet connection.
> Thanks again.

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