Dropping support for Mozilla suite?

Sami Haahtinen ressu at ressukka.net
Mon Nov 22 18:39:02 UTC 2004

Hudson Delbert J Contr 61 CS/SCBN wrote:
> i would suggest caution in drifting away from support of
> core mozilla engine if for no other reason than firefox 
> is a subset of moz and not the other way around. 

I don't think that the issue here is wether Firefox should replace the 
engine or not, it's more about mozilla-browser which should be depreciated.

> also i use it as a testing measure of forefox's
> attrib's,,if its supposed to work on both moz and ff
> and does work on moz and not ff, i need to chedk the cfg
> of ff usually.

The best solution for all this would be to package GRE and build all 
mozilla using packages against it, as it should have been done in the 
first place. Most of the packages that build against Mozilla suite (and 
i do mean suite, not mozilla code) should be using GRE in the first 
place. In my head, it's a major problem if people keep linking against 
Mozilla suite, they really don't need all of mozilla suite, they just 
usually need Gecko or XPCOM.


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