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sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Mon Nov 22 14:37:53 UTC 2004

Ben Edwards wrote:

if you where a little further up the M5 http://www.openadvantage.org/ 
might be able to help.  I'm not sure what situation is with out of area 
calls from charities so you might want to ask for a chat anyway. Ask for 
jono and tell him I sent you, or just abuse his beard ;-)

> This is a very strange email to be writing and we are set against
> using propriotery software but finding a good accountant who knows how
> to use FLOSS accountancy software has proved imposable (and we are not
> convinced there is a sutable free software option anyway).


PayTHYME (THYME isn't SAGE ;-) ) covers the payroll side of things but I 
think their accounting software is currently undergoing a revamp.  They 
develop software under the GPL using python and pyqt.  They do alot to 
support Free Software and all their developers are Free Software 
advocates (plus their cheque just cleared ;-) )

you might want to give these guys a call.  Ask for Kat and tell her I 
sent you ;-)

> Ben

<davee> "Sparkes, the Pete Best of LugRadio"

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