Firefox flash not working right?

Nathan S. farruinn at
Mon Nov 22 03:54:04 UTC 2004

--- Eric Dunbar <eric.dunbar at> wrote:

> Found it but it don't work... something about PPC not supported ;-).
> So, on x86 the plug-in works under any Linux distro?
> Eric.
> On Sun, 21 Nov 2004 21:37:04 -0500, Eric Dunbar
> <eric.dunbar at> wrote:
> > Where does one get the Macromedia version? Macromedia?
> > 
> > Eric.

That's right, as far as I can tell swf simply will not work on ppc at
the moment.  I tried doing an apt-get source -b flashplayer-mozilla,
however ppc is not a defined target for the source :D  So there you
have it.  Next time definitely include the fact that you're using PPC,
that will help others help you more.

I might suggest you try mol if you really must see swf content.  Check
out the great wiki at


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