partioning power pc and OSX/ubuntu dualboot

altern enrike at
Sun Nov 21 10:35:28 UTC 2004


I am reading the "Installation How To - PowerPC" in the Support section 
of ubuntu website.
in "Partition your disk" it says :

"If you do not want to erase an entire disk, or if you want to customize 
the partition layout, choose "Manually edit partition table" from the menu"

what does this exactly mean? will then erase my osx partition and i will 
loose my data?
Or will this create new partitions on the empty space taken from my osx 
partition, (similar to the way SuSE linux does when you intall in over 
winXP), without erasing the osx instalation?.

if the later is the case, how reliable would this be? i mean paritioning 
is always a delicate process. Is there any recomendations to do before 
doing this? maybe some maintenace tasks on osx that would be helpful?

THen my second question is:
I would like to have a partition where i can hold all my data and i 
would like to be able to access (read and write) this partition both 
from Ubuntu and OSX. is this posible? how would i partition my HD to 
achive so?

and finally, how difficult is to get a dual boot osx and ubuntu running?

I think many of mac users will want to have dualboot and keep osx 
running. In my case i am forced because of my work to use a couple of 
OSX programs that are not and will not be compiled for Linux. So i must 
  have osx and should be able to have access my data folder from both 
systems. Previously i had a machine running SuSe and winXP. From SuSE 
you could access easily the windows partitions (fromated as FAT32) and 
use those files.

If would be great if some ubuntu-mac user would create a detailed wiki 
about this issues as I believe many people are in similar situation. A 
friend of mine would like to have a laptop running dualboot with OS9 and 
Linux for example. I would be happy to do the wiki myself when i finnish 
installing everything but on the man time i am too scared that i will 
get into trouble doing it. I switched very recently to mac and still i 
am not confident about instalation ad backup processes.

many thanks for any tips about this!


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