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Sun Nov 21 06:25:57 UTC 2004

On Sat, 20 Nov 2004 19:08:01 -0500, Romeyn Prescott
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> I have found that when I select certain screensaver modules, the
> entire computer freezes up.  I haven't found this documented
> anywhere.  Have I "discovered" something?  What more detailed info
> can I provide?

My Mac is significantly older, but the answer might be the same. For
most of the OpenGL (or 3D in general) funtionality, the binary video
card drivers from the manufacturers need to be used - and, well, they
don't exist for the Mac platform that I'm aware of.

You may have something slightly different going on though, because
with my G3 iMac (333Mhz) and video card with 2Mb of VRAM (can't
remember the make ATM), the OpenGL stuff will technically work, but
work at unusable speeds. It can take 20-30 seconds to "wake up" from
running an OpenGL screensaver.

A good place to start might be to send an email to the card
manufacturer and let them know there's a need for binary drivers for
Mac. A petition might be really effective, but it would be difficult
to get the necessary exposure to get a LOT of names on a petition like


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