hacking gnome "Computer" menu + automating transset work

Francesco Levorato ubuntu at flevour.net
Sat Nov 20 22:49:21 UTC 2004

Hi all!
After upgrading to Hoary, I got addicted to Xorg, its transparencies and
shadows, playing around with xcompmgr and transset. Unfortunately if i
tried to logout from gnome via the menu "Computer->logout" button, Xorg
would freeze. After some investigation, i found the culprit is xcompmgr
(a script that manages that shadows around the windows). In fact if i
kill it before logging out, everything goes smoothly. So my idea would
be to create a small bash script that kills xcompmgr and launches the
logout dialog window and put it in the place of the logout entry in the
computer menu. So I am asking if any gnome expert knows where I can find
the menu files to hack and if its possible to what I plan.
Secondly I am wondering whether there is a package that contains
xcompmgr and transset (I had to compile them on my own).
One more thing: as far as i know, i can use transset "manually"
targeting a window. Is there a way to automatically set to given
transparency value all the windows that get opened?
Thanks for your attention,
PS: yesterday my bro got the CD he ordered from ubuntu: hey folks, they
are great! I didnt expect them to be so nice and well packed! Congrats
to the design team and who else worked on getting them as they are.

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