Samba with Nautilus

GR Gaudreau grgaud at
Sat Nov 20 12:18:25 UTC 2004

Hi all,
Whenever I try to connect to my wife's Win2K box, using 'smb://' in
nautilus, I get as far as 'smb://viper', which is the name of my wife's
win2K setup, and then I'm told that the contents of viper couldn't be
displayed because I don't have permission. It does this even when I try
as root.

The odd thing is that if I'm using XFfm in EFce4, I can view the
contents of the shared directories on my wife's computer. What do I need
to do to get Nautilus to cooperate? 

Another question: whatever happened to gnomeba, the gnome interface for
samba? I tried to find it in the repositories and I couldn't.

GR Gaudreau
<grgaud at>
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