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huh? did i hear him correctly?

that's the first time i've ever heard him archbishop tutu
described in those terms other than by P. W. Botha......hmmmm....

maybe we should let seth talk a bit more.

maybe we should bring up nelson mandela or dr. king and see what is rsvp is.

i'd really be interested in his rsvp.

he'll eventually expose his actual deep seated biases

but we gotta give him chance......
re: sun tzu about enemy excessively negotiating w/out a definitive reason.


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Seth Williamson wrote:

> If it motivates you to elevate Desmond Tutu to sainthood, get yourself a 
> dashboard statue of him for your car.  To more skeptical individuals, he 
> is a silly man and a hypocrite.

that's certainly an...errrm... interesting opinion.  Do you guys want to 
take this onto the sounder list rather than the user list?

sparkes - who has a Stallman statue for his dashboard ;-)

<davee> "Sparkes, the Pete Best of LugRadio"

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