azz ulist at
Fri Nov 19 14:35:54 UTC 2004

Humanity towards others makes for powerful marketing.

The point here is business.  It is impossible to be politically correct
all the time.  Just about any business decision will upset somebody
(usesually, the people who are not making money from it)

It is not wrong to sell Ubuntu thongs ("This product is designed to fit
juniors") from an american distributer running a windows server.  The
advantage created by Ubuntu and Canonical is that a person from a less
wealthy part of the world who wants to sell Ubuntu apparel will
probably attract more customers.

To boot, they are given a superb OS on which to run their enterprise.

I look forward to seeing many companies offering Ubuntu apparel, soon. 
If people want to chose from which company they want to buy on the basis
of politics, they may.


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