Dropping support for Mozilla suite?

John Levin john at technolalia.org
Fri Nov 19 13:24:02 UTC 2004

On 19 Nov 2004, at 13:05, Martin Pitt wrote:

> Hi Ubuntu folks!
> In Tuesday's community we discussed about the future of Mozilla. The
> Mozilla foundation seems to fade out support for the legacy Mozilla
> suite (packages mozilla-browser and mozilla-mailnews) in favor of the
> splitted new FireFox and Thunderbird packages.
> Therefore we would like to confine our attention to the new programs
> and drop support for Mozilla in Hoary if there are no serious
> regressions.
> So we have a question to the community: are there any advantages that
> you see for Mozilla that FireFox/Thunderbird do not have? Would you
> seriously miss Mozilla if we dropped support for it?
> Thank you a lot in advance for any comments and have a nice day!
> Martin Pitt
> on behalf of the Ubuntu Developers

I'd certainly miss Mozilla Composer - would support for Nvu be added to 
Also, would support for the other split component - the Sunbird 
calendar - be added? What support would there be for major extensions 
(the calendar comes as an extension as well as a stand-alone app)?

There's also the question of the GRE - Gecko Runtime Environment - 
which I believe is going to come out of the splitting of the full 

The suite itself I'm not too concerned with, but the technologies 
contained within it (XUL, JSLib etc) are things I'd like to see pushed 
strongly to the forefront of Ubuntu.

Is there a transcript of the Tuesday meeting online? I'd like to get up 
to speed on this debate.


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