Travis Newman panickedthumb at
Thu Nov 18 18:30:28 UTC 2004

Shango Oluwa wrote:
> Well, on this topic of merchandise...
> I would just like to break something down here for the list:
> 'Ubuntu' is an African word, yes, but specifically it is a Nguni word
> from southern Africa - so, for instance, the word is not used in Sudan
> (although its equivalent exists - despite Arab colonialism's efforts to
> deny Africans their humanity in that region). Importantly, Cape Town, in
> South Africa has an excellent textile and clothing industry that will
> deliver the same quality fabric and screen-printing as that available
> via CafeExpress at vast cost-savings to buyers and with moral fibre...
> Respect to the international community, but the use of a US enterprise
> (that also prints right-wing political merchandise for $$) to promote an
> OS labelled with "an ancient African word meaning 'humanity to others'"
> is unacceptable. I can suggest a socially responsible printer in Mark
> Shuttleworth's country to anyone responsible for merchandise - feel free
> to ask.
> I am not looking to tussle politics here, I just want to point out what
> is at stake here. This is the Free and Open Source Software community,
> so let us keep that in mind. When, you, the UbuntuLinux team chose
> 'ubuntu' you subscribed to an African value system that we African's
> will stand by and call you to honour.
> CafeExpress - no
> Ubuntu 	    - yes
> Concerned,
> Shango Oluwa

You do make a good point Shango. It's almost impossible to go entirely 
with businesses that support the same values as Ubuntu, but if you know 
of this specific company, it's a very good idea to pursue using this 
one, as long as they're willing to work for Canonical, and provide the 
services they need, and I don't know why they wouldn't.

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