Where's FireFox 1.0?

Jeramy Rutley jrutley at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 14:22:01 UTC 2004

The Ubuntu devs took a snapshot of Debian Sid, and are pretty much
only doing security updates.

On the ubuntuforums.org page, they mention how to mix Hoary and Warty releases.
It had something to do with adding the Hoary debs and sticking
Apt:Default-Release "warty"
in /etc/apt.conf, I think?
I don't know anything about it, so search around and ask some
questions before you plan on doing that.

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 15:06:56 +0100, Dennis Kaarsemaker
<dennis at kaarsemaker.net> wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-11-17 at 08:52 -0500, Romeyn Prescott wrote:
> > Where's FireFox 1.0?
> It is not available for the WartyWarthog release, only for the
> HoaryHedgeHog release.
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