GUI server tools?

John dingo at
Wed Nov 17 13:37:50 UTC 2004

Eric Dunbar wrote:
> Where would one go to discuss the future directions Ubuntu should take
> in their design philosophy? I'm not sure if the improvements (&
> problems) I'm seeing in Ubuntu are Ubuntu-related or merely a function
> of GNOME 2.8.

If you want to compare Gnome 2.8 with Gnome 2.8 Red Hat's EL beta is 
current:-) You onluy need for or five ISOs. Or install of the net:-)

> But, I have also found a few glaring (& very easy to fix) ommissions:
> e.g. creating a new user through the user creation tool is easy, BUT
> (a) the process is un-necessarily confused by having the groups
> settings front-and-centre (stick it in an advanced tab -- if you know
> groups, then you also will not be intimidated by an "advanced" tab),
> and (b) there's no obvious (well, AFAI could tell, no) way to set-up a
> non-administrator account through this interface (I'm guessing that
> I'll have to edit the sudoers file somehow to create a non-admin
> account). In Mac OS X there's a check-box which says "allow user to
> administer computer".
> This would be a nice feature in Ubuntu since Ubuntu has adopted
> Apple's "sudo" solution to the "root problem" (well, I suppose it's
> not necessarily Apple's, but, Apple has done an awesome job of
> implementing it).
> Anyway, where would I make such comments/suggestions/find such discussions?

I think there's a place in Bugzilla for such. Probably discussion's best 
here, but open a new thread for each topic. Changing topics mid-thread 
can make it hard to find later:-)

> PS One thing that Ubuntu (& other distros) could do is take a look at
> the default settings Apple uses and what settings Apple allows its
> users to change. Apple has put a _lot_ of research into determining

Quite a few U developers have powerbooks and such. I think they know 
about OS X.

> what it is that users need/want the most, and what settings cause the
> most problems (there's a reason that Mac OS X is _hands down_ the most
> widespread, popular and polished *nix desktop).

Price of hardware. Go price other kit that comes with Unix
Pushing an established base of OS 9 users onto it when they get new kit.

Even so, they still defy users who want more than one button on their mouse.

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