Problem changing monitor and mouse

John dingo at
Wed Nov 17 13:26:35 UTC 2004

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
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> John wrote:
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> | I installed Warty today on a Dell with an Intel 810 chipset including
> | graphics. I'd give more detail, but of course Warty doesn't intall ssh
> | by default and so I can't get at it.
> |
> |
> | It had a cheap 15" monitor and an HP PS/2 wheelie mouse attached.
> |
> | It was working.
> |
> | I shut it down, took i to work and attached a nice bug sunscreen and a
> | MS Intelimouse.
> a USB mouse? do they use the same protocol?

The first and second mice were PS/2. The one that worked was probably 
one I configured manully: at the end I had two mice configured, one at 
/dev/psaux and one at /dev/input/mice.
mdetect was detectin one at /dev/psaux, originally as imps/2 then as 
intellimouse (same one). Neither definition worked in either location.

Reportedly, I've not actually verified it myself, PS/2 mice should work 
at /dev/input/mice with 2.6 kernels.

<pokes around>

I do indeed have a box with a PS/2 mouse attached and gpm reading it at 

I was going to check the mouse with gpm but I'd chosen not to enable 
universe and apt-get couldn't find it.

> | The other problem is the screen. Mostly I configure screens like this:
> |
> | Section "Monitor"
> |         Identifier      "Generic Monitor"
> | #        HorizSync       30-96
> | #        VertRefresh     48-160
> |         Option          "DPMS"
> | EndSection
> |
> This is bad. If your monitor doesn't return DDC information the driver will
> rely on what is in the configuration and if there is nothing it will just
> exit

Most of the monitors I use are DDC-compliant and detect just fine. This 
Sun does better than 1600x1200 at 85 Hz.

It was actually operating at 1280x1024 at 60 with a nasty flicker.

> |
> | XFree seems able to detect most monitors these days and in my experience
> | you don't need much at all.
> This is strictly related to your specific driver/monitor/videocard 
> combination.
> It might work for you, it doesn't for me when i am connected via a kvm and
> since we don't know what a user have installed, we go for the safest path.

Had I done a fresh install it would almost certainly worked, and worked 
without me answering lots of Qs I should have to.

Years ago, when RHL 7.2 was current I was changing monitors regularly - 
old ones too - and RHL reconfigured  automatically.

Ditto with mice.

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