/etc/profile and ~/.bash_profile are not being read

Le grand pinguin rm at mh-freiburg.de
Wed Nov 17 03:11:26 UTC 2004

On Wed, Nov 17, 2004 at 11:52:31AM +0900, janne wrote:
> OK. Doing my own xsession feels more than a little overkill, just to get
> ~/bin into my path.
> If I ask it in this way: why is /etc/X11/Xsession not using that
> hash-bang line, rather than the default /bin/sh? Ubuntu is defaulting to
> bash after all, so it would be reasonable.
> Or ask in this way: How are other distributions doing this? It does work
> on other systems, without the need for each user to mess with xsession
> themselves.
> A third question: why do /etc/profile and ~/.bash_profile exist at all,
> if they aren't used, and can't be used? It only confuses people to keep
> them.

They aren't used? What makes youe think that? They aren't used to set up
the environment of a graphical login - if you log into your computer
with ssh or from a terminal then these files are sourced by the shell.

What exactly are you looking for: a way to set the environment for all
processes started by the graphic environment? Then modify xsession. The 
environment of the shell (most likely in a terminal window)? Than modify/
create a ~/.bashrc file. 

> Last, related question: the default paths are set _somewhere_. DOes
> anybody know where that would be, so I can add my stuff there?

 /etc/login.defs ? (depending on what you want to achieve).

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