Mondo/mindi backup falesafe kernal...

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Tue Nov 16 03:24:09 UTC 2004

> > There is a mindi-kernel package in Debian testing/unstable.
> >
> > wget
> >
> > Description: Failsafe linux kernel for mindi
> >  This package provides a failsafe 2.4.27 kernel for the mindi package.
> >  It uses the standard Debian kernel sources.
> will be difficult to run this on a 2.6 based system like ubuntu...

I could be wrong, but it my impression  that this kernel was used only
to create a last-ressort bootable media  for recovery purpose using
mindi/mondo backups.  So it should work for most of the 2.6-based
system like Ubuntu.

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