add users to sudo file

Roger Scow rscow at
Mon Nov 15 01:18:38 UTC 2004

I haven't messed with the sudoers file in Ubuntu, but in YDL (and Linux 
in general?) to give sudoers sudo powers, you have to edit the file 
sudoers using a text editor called visudo, if I recall.

Then, you can add the names of the users to the list.

You do it as root, but I don't know if you can do it as sudo.


On Nov 14, 2004, at 7:05 PM, baza wrote:

> Hi, I've added a new user to my Linux box, but they can't run sudo, it
> reports they are not part of sudouser (something like that) file. When 
> I
> had a look in /etc/sudoers it said you have to edit this from root with
> vi. Any advice before i go in? I don't want to hose my box.
> Barry
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