Hottest (Free) Game In the Ubuntu World?

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Sun Nov 14 23:32:01 UTC 2004

On Sun, 14 Nov 2004 17:07:15 -0500, David M. Carney
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> What's the hottest game you're playing today?

I've only played the Windows version of this, and my hard drive
crashed 24 hours later (not related ;-) - but I'll mention it anyway
since I don't know of many other completely free games like this. I
don't know how well it runs under linux (alas, I have an ATI video
card unsupported by their driver), or if it's even politically correct
- so don't yell at me if it offends. Ok - that's enough of a
disclaimer I think.

The game is America's Army -

It looks like a FPS in the same vein as Halo or Doom. I only got as
far as the practice firing range, so I can't speak about the actual
gameplay. From what I saw though, it was a pretty high quality game.

That's my $.02 :-)


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