Problem using Modem Lights panel applet.

Neil Woolford neil at
Sun Nov 14 17:03:11 UTC 2004

I've set up a computer with an old EISA hardware modem.  This is appearing 
on the system as ttyS1.

Using the Network Settings gui tools I have set this up with a dialout 
account on ppp0

I can start and stop the modem using the "Activate" and "Deactivate" 
buttons on the Network
Settings gui.  If I do this, the Modem Lights applet lights up and displays 
connection information.

The machine is intended for use on a pay-per minute dialup connection, so 
being able to switch the
connection quickly from the Modem Lights applet would be ideal.

However, if I try to start and stop the modem connection by clicking on 
Modem Lights, the process fails.
The modem light displays amber for a few moments and then goes out 
again.  If I give the plog command,
the error "Connect script failed" is the only line in the log.
(I have configured Modem lights to use 'pon ppp0' as Connection 
Command.  The device is pp0, and the
lock file ends ttyS1).

If I log in at a root terminal, the command 'pon ppp0' works fine, as does 
At a normal user terminal it fails, again plog gives "Connect script failed"

I have another machine on which (with a different modem) the Modem Lights 
work fine to switch the modem.
I can't find any file permission differences between the machines on the 
files that I believe to be linked to ppp.

What should I try next?  What am I missing here?

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