Setting up web hosting

Enn Pee enn_p at
Sun Nov 14 14:04:52 UTC 2004


I recently installed ubuntu linux. I already have a
web hosting facility based on Solaris, hosting
multiple websites in the form of name based virtual
servers, based on Apache2 (Version 2.0.50). I wanted
to move this web hosting facility on to Ubuntu Linux.

When I saw the apache configuration on Ubuntu, it
seems configuration files are not compatible with what
I have on Solaris. Example: the httpd.conf on Solaris
seems to be named as apache2.conf on Ubuntu. Virtual
servers configuration is separated in to a file in a
separate directory

A. need help on how to move entire Configuration in
one httpd.conf in to distributed files of ubtuntu

B. How to enable mysql support compiled in to Apache
C. How to enable PHP support compiled in to Apache
D. How to Disable all unwanted services like email
server and other services
E. Where do I define all those multiple Virtual

F. Is this Linux distribution stable enough for
hosting such serious job of hosting multiple websites



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