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Sun Nov 14 12:11:01 UTC 2004

Pardon the rude answers.

Some internal modems are software modems.  These modems are little
boards that do not do the work of modems, but let your computer do it
for you.  The advantage (in theory) is that you may upgdate or upgrade
the software in the future to add features and so forth.  

In the past few years, v92 has become a more popular dialup protocol
which includes modem-on-hold and quick connect as well as better data
compression.  Modem manufacturers did not upgrade the modem drivers to
take advantage of this, they just will tell you to go out and buy a new
modem.  So much for that.

Anyway, some winmodems (designed for windows) can work under linux.  Go
to and you can get up-to-the-minute information about

You seem to have a Connexant (Rockwell) modem.  The only drivers
available to you would seem to be commercial ones offered by an
abovementioned company.

The sl-modem package includes a modem driver that (because of the ac-97
codec) seems to work on some other chipsets.  Try that before going and
buying anouther modem.

So:  Download the scanmodem tool from

unpack it and run it.  Look at the two files it will create.  This will
tell you about the modems it has detected.

Take it from there...

Bonne chance, 'sti.


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