Reply-to in Ubuntu Users List

Ed Fletcher ed at
Fri Nov 12 16:48:41 UTC 2004

I've noticed that when I reply to a message on this list, Thunderbird 
picks up the Reply-to header and uses that to determine who to send the 
message to.  This is usually the author of the message I'm replying to. 
   All well and good. Except that I most often want to reply to the list 
rather than to the sender.  Can the list management settings be changed 
to strip Reply-to headers and replace them with Reply-to: <list-address>?

This would save everyone from having to hit Reply-to-all and deleting 
the previous author's address.  The other Linux mailing lists I on 
already have this feature enabled.

Thanks to all for a great distribution and a _very_ active and 
informative discussion/mailing list,
Ed Fletcher
ed at

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