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wrong...the plural is virii....

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ClamAV is a useful product if you have a mailserver that people access
via POP or IMAP from windows boxes.  It will also keep you from
forwarding viruses that you receive.  However, it isn't going to help
YOU if you receive and read your mail on a Linux box.  Viruses and worms
are for Windows.

p.s.  virus' is the plural possessive form of virus.  I believe that you
meant viruses:-)

On Thu, 2004-11-11 at 09:58 -0600, Kevin C. Smith wrote:
> Even though Linux "desktops" tends to be relatively safe from virus'
> compared to MS Windows, I feel Linux users need to use virus software
> for their protection and primarily so they don't just pass stuff on.
> That said my request / idea is this:
> 1. Include ClamAV in the next release as Main/supported.
> 2. Provide updates to the current ClamAV software not just definitions
> through ubuntu security. (I get the equivalent of this on my debian
> server by using backports).
> 3. Integrate ClamAV with Evolution to scan sent and received mail.
> 4. Integrate ClamAV with Nautilus to scan on files access.
> 5. Create a user friendly gtk interface for ClamAV.
> I would do some of this but I'm not a programmer. I am considering
> learning python and then creating the GTK interface myself.
> Would python/GTK be a good way to go here? I'm sure I wouldn't get
> around to learning C just yet.
> I'm also don't know if Evolution or Nautilus developers have
> already considered these ideas. I wouldn't be surprised.
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