2d user added, no sound (useradd or adduser ?)

Guillaume Duveau guillaumeduveau at noos.fr
Fri Nov 12 12:04:33 UTC 2004

Thanks Matt ; but when I can log in and out anytimes I want, with the 
first user I have the sound, with the second no... ? What should I do 
except adding the second user to the audio group ? Having done that 
should have allowed the second user to write to ALL audio devices that's 
right ?

Could probably be an esd problem, though.

By the way I saw an adduser-howto on the Ubuntu site, where I read I 
must use "useradd" and not "adduser" to add an user. Useradd just 
doesn't prompt for any password so I chose adduser. Maybe is is related 
with my problem ?

Matt Zimmerman a écrit :
> On Fri, Nov 12, 2004 at 02:06:46AM +0100, Guillaume Duveau wrote:
>>I've added a second user, but I when I log into this user, I have the 
>>message : "No volume control elements and/or devices found."
>>OK, I did :
>>sudo adduser [my2duser] audio
>>OK for this message ; but still no sound. When the gnome session opens, 
>>no sound. When I try to play an Ogg with Rythmbox I get : "Could not 
>>open resource for writing".
>>Can you help me ?
> I've seen sometimes that when logging out as one user, and logging in as a
> new one, esd continues to run after the first user has logged out, causing
> it to fail to start for the second user.

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