mondo rescue backup solution pulled ;( alternatices please

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Fri Nov 12 04:02:23 UTC 2004

> Mondo has these advantages over this approach:
> 1. The ISO is bootable.
> 2. Automatically spans volumes. You say "This big, no more."
> Also, in contrast with other software (such as tar), the size mondo uses
> is the size of compressed files, so if you say 650M you get 650M of
> compressed data.

Personally that's the  appeal of Mondo.  You tell the command via a
one-liner:  do a backup on  650mb RW Cds, and it will create and write
them; in these CDs it will include both my linux partitions and my old
Win98 partition.   And the end results is x number of  CDs that are
bootable, ready to restore all or part of my filesystems by simply
booting the machine with the 1st CD..  Most of the other backup
alternative I have seen recently are more often than not  simply a
fancy interface around the tar (or tar-like) command with various
level of compression and files inclusion/exclusion rules.   I can do
scripts with calls to tar (I already do that), but I want something at
the same time more complete and dead-simple to setup, use, and
(hopefully not) use in a recovery mode after a hardware problem.

> However, mondo's code looks to me like a disaster waiting to happen.

not just the code; looking at some of the recent discussions and
disagreements between developpers that lead to that recent package
"retirement" seems to show that the whole project is on shaky grounds
these days.  Hopefully for them they will get back on track soon.

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