mondo rescue backup solution pulled ;( alternatices please

ahood ulist at
Fri Nov 12 02:51:02 UTC 2004

Ben Edwards Wrote: 
> I was looking for and old message on the list about backup progs and I
> found the one I was looking for.  It mentioned
> which I have looked at before and seemed
> excellent.  I went to the website and found the message below.  Anyone
> know of any good alternative backup solution in the Free Software
> arena?
> Ben
> >From
> Due to legal actions brought about by against one of
> our developers, Mondo as of now is terminated.
> If you want me to re-open the Mondo project, please e-mail Travis M.
> Schaffner (travis at at FastServers and tell them to
> leave Ray Sanders alone.
> Until FastServers stops harassing this valuable contributor to the
> Mondo project, the project cannot continue. If you value Mondo, tell
> FastServers to back off. The termination of this project is a direct
> consequence of their vindictiveness.
> Ben
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You might want to consider 'SimpleBackup'
Although it does not have a GUI interface, it is actually quite simple
to use. It supports full, incremental and differential backups. I use
it to backup to a cheap  file server on my local home network.  -Note:
The latest stable release does not support backing up to tape (future

Hope this helps.


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