low memory warning during installation

Dave Lundy lundyd at dmapub.dma.org
Thu Nov 11 09:45:03 UTC 2004

I'm attempting to install Ubuntu on an old P133 with only 32 MB of RAM, 
which I've read should be enough.  However, I repeatedly get "Entering low 
memory mode" warnings stating "This system has relatively little free 
memory... You should set up swap space as soon as possible."  Great!  How 
do I do that?

I've had a fair amount of Linux experience, but virtually none with 
Debian.  I used Ctl-Alt-F2 to get a shell and attempted to partition the 
drive so I could create a swap partition, but couldn't find any 
partitioning program (fdisk, cfdisk, etc.).  So how the heck am I supposed 
to set up swap space?  I also tried using the automatic partitioner but it 
aborted with the same Entering low memory mode message.

About a month ago I installed Ubuntu on my main PC without any difficulty, 
but it has 512 MB of RAM.  It's a bit spartan, but I've been enjoying 
using it and adding packages.
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