Dell on OPen Source

Daniel Saunders daniel.saunders at
Thu Nov 11 01:42:56 UTC 2004

On Wed, 10 Nov 2004 17:37:55 -0800, Michael Dean
<michaelldean at> wrote:
> When I called Dell about putting Linux or other open source on Dell
> laptops or desktops they were downright obnoxious!  Has anyone figured
> out how to get Linux up on Deklk equipment?

I have booted Knoppix successfully on my Dell Optiplex at work. 
However, since it is a work computer I haven't installed anything and
the Knoppix thing was being excited about this "Live CD" thing a year
ago and wanting to give it a try.

It shouldn't be too much of a problem installing Ubuntu on Dell
machines, though it probably voids all or some of their warranty
requirements.  The other problem you may run into is that Dell
desktops are a little like laptops, in that they have some weird
hardware that may not be supported by Linux.  I remember reading about
such a problem earlier in the year when a Dell machine claimed to have
a Soundblaster LIve! soundcard in it, but the chipset was very
different to the normal SoundBlaster card and thus was unsupported by

Maybe you should start by running the Ubuntu Live CD and seeing how
well it picks up the hardware?


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