Warty installer does not create SCSI device

Eric Potter ecp62 at charter.net
Thu Nov 11 00:35:38 UTC 2004

Tommy Trussell wrote:
> Before I go to the trouble to cause any more disruption here I want to
> ask about SCSI... is it just too exotic to even be handled by Ubuntu?
> I was surprised that Ubuntu did NOT set up any of the sg (SCSI)
> devices in /dev... then I discovered the new Debian installer didn't
> either (though an "old fashioned" Debian Woody install DOES). The
> Ubuntu live CD does, and (of course) Knoppix does, too.
> I have this old PC (Compaq Deskpro 4000 Pentium 200MMX) with an
> Adaptec SCSI card added. I use it with a scanner and CD-R burner that
> used to be attached to an old Mac. The PC (and a predecessor) has been
> a replacement copier - scanner - file server that I used to use the
> Mac for, I have used it this way for several years. (First using
> RedHat then Debian.) I had to replace a hard drive last month so I've
> been trying new distros and that's how I stumbled onto Ubuntu.
> As I was installing again a couple of days ago my old Agfa SnapScan
> scanner began to fill the office with smoke so I moved it out and
> plugged in an Apple ColorOneScanner 600/27 scanner. I puzzled through
> /dev/MAKEDEV and I can make devices so sane can see the scanner and
> cdrecord can see the CD recorder. HOWEVER unfortunately the sane
> driver author never tested that particular Apple scanner so he didn't
> know it doesn't work correctly (like the Agfa scanner did).
> So now, here I am older and wiser but maybe it's time to ditch the
> SCSI stuff... If there's anyone here wanting to set up a SCSI scanner
> I can write up a HOWTO but my heart may not be in it...

What exact command did you use to make /dev files for scsi cdrom?
I need scd0 and scd1.  I'm looking at the MAKEDEV script right now
but I haven't had success yet.

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