What programs will be updated in in warty?

hobbe hobbe at dreampollen.com
Wed Nov 10 20:52:34 UTC 2004

What programs will see update in the stable branch?

Some programs that I use quite heavily have reach a new or already had a
new version when Ubuntu Warty was released.

They are not uncommon programs, in fact quite common.

Inkscape, soon to be releasing 0.40, warty has only 0.38, it as a SVG
vector creation program that gets a load of new features every release
that one comes quite use too and it is hard to go back to a older

Blender, a 3d creation program. the version that is out is 2.34 and the
version in warty is 2.33a. Same thing here as with Inkscape, the program
has loads of new improved features every new dot-release that is hard to
be with out. 
Blender has bin-packages on their site, but warty uses a older libstdc++
than the one shipped with warty and then one on blenders site is linked
against a new version. (new versions of libraries is not as importen,
but programs then usually have to be recompiled especially for warty
with older sets of libraries)

GIMP, no new release as of now, but soon to be released. I really hope
GIMP 2.2 will be available to update to in Warty when released.

Firefox, the final version is out. I REALLY hope warty will include this
in it's repository soon, then version that is in Warty right now has som
irritating small bugs. And all extensions for that gets released for
firefox will target the 1.0 from now on.

Wine, not something I use right now and can live with out. But would be
nice with a newer version. 

I really hope Warty and other releases from Ubuntu doesn't follow
debian's path were you all most every time have to live with 2-5version
behind the latest when using above and other programs. Even in

XFree86 would be nice to see be changed to X.org, but as I understand
debian is waiting for x.org to become completely modulelized since
Xservers has been to large and complicated packages to do the "debian
way" every new release so they just stopped after XFree86 4.3. The
debian way is to also make sure that it works on all the 10 different
plattform that debian is released for. Ubuntu only have 3 targets, x86,
x86_64 and PPC.
But as I understand, next big release from ubuntu will see X.org even if
if is not released for debian. It was just to big of a project for

Nice to see ubuntu using the debian policy of creating stable and
integrated binary packages but with the speed in release and development
of Gnome.
Ubuntu is what Debian fail to become. A modern, fresh, FREE, easy to
use, up-to-date (if they could update the above programs also would be
nice) Linux for all most every user.


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