Minimum disk space requirements?

azz ulist at
Wed Nov 10 18:35:39 UTC 2004

What if instead of just copying all the debs to a local harddrive, the
installer would

-Install the base system
-Check the available disk space for the local deb archive (On whatever
partition) before just copying the packages.
-If the available space is greater than, say 1 Gig, copy the debs from
-If the space was between 500 megs and 1 Gig, ask the user what they
-If the space was is than 500 megs, do not copy and the package
installation would happen from cd.

These are just arbitrary numbers.  You would have a better Idea of what
is appropriate.

This would enable the installation to be possible on smaller hard
drives, possibly increasing the number of candidates who would be able
to Ubuntu...


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