Néstor Hernández Cruz patolfo at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 16:23:33 UTC 2004

WEll I'm a newbie jejejejeje, but instead of having problems of howto
tweak Ubuntu, really  I have many but I'm reading.
Well the question is what does means
Warty Warthog
I look on the dictionary but I don't get it
could you explain me, I'm not a naturally english spoken so if you
have any animation or image of this "thing" it would be better
or maybe think that you're explaining the meaning to 5 years old  kid
please don't get mad 
 sii ya !!!!!!

al cabo de la vida quisiera descansar
en un bosque de paz y sin preguntas
y desde la espesura escuchar en sosiego
el preludio de un réquiem privadísimo 
Benedetti **Cansancio

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