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At 06:06 10/11/04, Dirk wrote:

>How do I get into CUPS if my connection is refused. I'm trying to get
>GIMP to print a photo,[ or anything for that matter}. I could never get
>GIMP to print a photo in Fedora and I guess Ubuntu is the same. I have
>GIMP configured to use the HP 900 series driver which is what HP says to
>use, but when I click "Print" I get nothing.

I have just installed a new Epson CX3200.  My experience was that it appeared
in the Gimp printer menu list, but not in the Ubuntu Computer/System 
setup.  If I tried to print, jobs just vanished into thin air.

I still don't really understand the CUPS system (I've read quite a lot 
now...) *but* other
messages on this forum suggested that I needed not just the gimpprint 
package installed, which
is on the distribution CD, but also cupsys-driver-gimpprint and 
cupsys-driver-gimpprint-data out
of the universe repository.

After I checked that gimpprint itself was installed *and* added the two 
packages named above,
my new printer suddenly became 'visible' to Comupter/System.../Printing and 
properly configurable
under both that and the Gimp.   Office applications now print very well too.

 From paperweight to excellent printer in one bound.


PS  There is a useability issue for newbies here;  on a Windows or Mac 
system I'd have just
popped the supplied driver CD in and been running in minutes.  Here the 
process was hardly
more difficult to do, in both cases you have to give the OS some 
information about the printer
so that it can drive it, but finding out what steps to take was stupidly 
difficult under Linux.  
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