WARTY review

Daniel Silverstone dsilvers at digital-scurf.org
Wed Nov 10 12:12:29 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-11-10 at 11:55 +0000, David Marsh wrote:
> There were a number of things that (after trying to give GNOME a fair
> go) had me scurrying back to KDE:

I'm no GNOME zealot but I thought I'd cover a point or two...

> * inability to set 'previous user by default' and 'auto-focus on
>   password entry' in GDM (so back to KDM..)

Nothing stops you using KDM to load GNOME :-)

> * too-large and *unresizable* title bars (with all due respect to Fitts'
>   Law, I rarely move my windows and select/raise them either by hovering
>   elsewhere in the window (mucho bigger target) or from a taskbar)

Erm, if you set the titlebar font smaller then the titlebar gets
smaller. The titlebar is just big enough to fit the text size you asked

> * not having to hack in an obscure preferences editor to put the window 
>   close gadget in the LH corner ;-)

That's a theme thing isn't it?


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