My k3b solution - launch from icon

Tim Hull thully at
Wed Nov 10 02:29:20 UTC 2004

I downloaded k3b from universe (I wanted full CD burning support)
and I ran into the problems everybody runs into w/.ICEauthority.
However, I came across a decent solution (that does not require running 
from a root terminal.  I created a new menu entry (right-click on a menu 
in GNOME and then click Entire menu-Add new item to this menu
I input k3b as the application name and gksudo /usr/bin/k3b as the 
command.  I then selected the k3b icon as the icon.  This allows me to 
launch k3b from an icon, after inputting my password.  Also, 
.ICEauthority is not harmed this way.

P.S. k3b should be considered to be added to "main" in the next release, 
because many people would like to burn music CDs and do more advanced 
things with CDs that Nautilus does not allow for.

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