USB instabilities.

Ben Roe ben_ubuntu at
Wed Nov 10 00:18:29 UTC 2004

I haven't used a USB scanner, but I have had trouble getting my system 
to recognise my USB HP laserjet 1000. Generally restarting CUPS seems to 
get it working after I plug it in with the computer on.

I've also had trouble with my USB keyboard locking up, which happened in 
SuSE as well. After an hour of typing, all three lock lights on the 
keyboard would light up, all the keys would switch round (the windows 
key became volume down, for example) and then stopped working entirely. 
I often got "USB device not accepting address" errors in the logs.

Adding "noapic" to the boot options seems to have fixed it, as is 
mentioned on this page:

Does enabling the APIC actually have any advantages?


>Two USB printers.
>Warty will not see the second USB printer consistently sometimes it
>does, sometimes it doesn't, reboot and the whole ball game is a new

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