expocity anyone?

Romeo Theriault romeo.theriault at maine.edu
Tue Nov 9 13:29:15 UTC 2004

I'm unclear on what exactly metacity is. Can it be run inside gnome? If so,
where do I run it from.



> Has anyone tried out expocity? 

Jup, works.



> I'd like to try it out, because I very much miss Expose when I use my 

> linux box, which is almost always now. But I haven't seen any good 

> docs on how to set it up. The README is pretty sparse. From what I 

> understand it is the windowmanager metacity plus the functionality of 

> expose too.



>  But I'm not sure how to get another windowmanager in the list of 

> available options on the gdm boot screen.

Because it's just a patch to metacity, that shouldn't be necessary.

Compile it and install it. Or, as i do it, compile it and then run
./src/metacity --replace, as it seems to be slower than the 'original'
metacity ;)






PS: The extra functionality is on alt+tab



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