Well, it was fun while it lasted...

Bryan Pizzuti bpizzuti at optonline.net
Tue Nov 9 07:11:44 UTC 2004

Cable is internet over the cable TV's IP network (which they have to have
there anyway to deliver the cable TV service). DSL is sort of a weird
stopgap thing that uses the unused frequencies on telephone lines to deliver
high speed internet...but it has a wire distance limitation, beyond which
the signal is too weak to function. 

56k modem isn't an option for me, ever since manufacturers started writing
30 MB drivers. I do too much support work for a 56k modem to be anything but
painful. ;) 

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Bryan Pizzuti wrote:
> Ahh, the wonders of the American system...since my internet is Cable 
> Internet, I don't get a choice of ISPs. I just get a choice of methods.
> There's ONE cable internet provider that serves my area, or DSL and 
> get more of a choice.  I'd PREFER the cable...it's faster.

What's cable?
What's DSL?

One technology choice here: 56k modem. Oh, maybe ISDN.

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