apt-watch ask for the root password

Christoph Georgi christoph.georgi at web.de
Mon Nov 8 23:49:31 UTC 2004

You could try and change the properties of the launcher: don't run the 
program directly (is suppose "apt-watch") but add the gksudo before it: 
"gksudo apt-watch". That might solve the problem.


Godfrey wrote:
> Dear ubuntu brothers and sisters,
> Install apt-watch, add it panel.  After it finishs checking for
> updates, the light bulb is on, then I double click it, It prompt by
> saying "Running Synapic as root. Password:", so I key in the "old
> friend" sudo password, then it's says "Authentication
> failure". Meanwhile I use the vary same password when doing sudo.
> Anybody have the same problem?

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