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Mon Nov 8 09:25:40 UTC 2004

Daniel Robitaille Wrote: 
> I was looking at the very few non-free software still left on my
> Ubuntu machine, and I was wondering what kind of open-source
> alternative currently exist for Java and Flash for browsing the web,
> preferably available in main or universe.  And if anyone has good (or
> bad) experience on how they compare to the non-free versions?
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As it is Java is quite open as it is.

While you're not free to fork it and call it Java the source is freely
available and anyone can create a JVM if they're so inclined. The only
restriction is that to be allowed to call it Java you have to get
permission from Sun which means effectively you have to pass a series
of tests to ensure you're indeed compliant with the language specs.

It's no different in effect from a C++ compiler needing to pass the
ANSI test suit to be really a C++ compiler (except that anyone can call
themselves a C++ compiler even if they're not with no fear of

The entire source for the Java APIs is shipped with the JDK for your
use (but read the license if you want to modify it).

If you're not able to get changes into the code that too is no
different from other OS projects with rigorous submission guidelines.
Try getting a position in the Apache group for example...


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